The Record Company

During the 70’s, the record label Alternativ was founded by Janne Hansson upon meeting the singer Kjell Höglund during his sound engineer education at DI. Kjell, unable to find a distributor for his music, would walk the streets of Stockholm selling editions of his 2 albums: “Undran” and “Blomstertid”.
When Kjell recorded his 15-minute track “Häxprocess” with Janne at the school, the aspiring sound engineer decided to create a label to get Höglund the exposure he thought he deserved.

At the time Janne lived in a collective in Sollentuna. Here, he had turned his garage into a recording studio and had recorded music by Stina Nordström and Roffe Wickström among others. After Janne purchased Atlantis Grammofon in 1983, he renamed the label Atlantis Grammafon AB. Atlantis Grammafon AB releases music only occasionally. It exists purely to get music that we personally love and appreciate out in the world.